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Ultimate Life Financial Joins Forces with Retirement Capital Planners

Enhanced services offer clients holistic planning throughout all stages of life, ultimately planning for a carefree retirement and life legacy

RICHMOND, VA (February 26, 2024) - Michael Boyer, RICP®, investment advisor and founder of Ultimate Life Financial Services, has joined forces with Retirement Capital Planners (RC Planners), a regional financial planning and investment advisory firm headquartered in Richmond, VA with offices in Grand Rapids, MI and York, PA.

As a result, Boyer will be offering his clients an enhanced suite of services including access to the secure eMoney Client Portal, (where they can see their entire financial picture in one click as well as view projections about their financial future), expanded access to tailored investment strategies that integrate seamlessly with RC Planners’ holistic retirement income model, and access to an integrated financial planning team of experts from around the country in estate, tax and business planning.

“I am excited to take my client offerings to the next level by joining RC Planners,” said Michael Boyer, RICP. “While l will remain the primary point of contact for my clients, and will continue to be their retirement income planner, I will provide more comprehensive, in-depth services. RC Planners offers the most robust financial planning tools available, a team of experts, and other noteworthy services including a monthly financial newsletter.”

Although clients will experience some superficial changes in the coming weeks, such as a new company name and branding and a new email address for Boyer, other more important business functions such as the fee structure and access to Boyer will remain the same as with Ultimate Life Financial.

“Michael Boyer is a great addition to our team as we plan for the future” said Jeremy Shipp, CFP®, CLU®, RICP®, WMCP®, investment advisor and founder, RC Planners. “We share the same values and investment philosophies, and Michael will have more financial planning resources at his fingertips and will be backed by an integrated team of experts to map out a carefree retirement for his clients, all while providing them instant access to their latest financial data. It is a win-win situation and we are excited to have him on board.”

For more information on Retirement Capital Planners and the new and exciting enhancements to the services Boyer will be offering, click learn more below.

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